3D Crystal Heart

A cherished photo of your loved one can be laser engraved into this stunning crystal glass heart keepsake. Perfect as a gift or to remember the special moment forever!

The 3D modeling process is a complex and time-consuming task, which requires dedicated experts. Nevertheless, interesting applications can be found in the cardiovascular field, as a supplement to medical images or as accurate educational tools able to illustrate complex cardiovascular anatomy and pathology.


3D crystal hearts are a great way to display your favorite photos and create a one of a kind piece of wall art. This awe-inspiring piece of crystal glass can be made to measure and is available in multiple sizes and finishes.

It is created using a high quality, optically pure crystal that has been carefully laser engraved to produce the best possible 3D effect. The result is a stunning and elegant keepsake that will not fade, peel or deteriorate in any way.

This is a classy if not a bit pricey gift that will be treasured forever. The most impressive part of this item is that it can be personalized with a photo or image of your choosing. It’s the perfect wedding or anniversary gift and will make any room feel a little more like home. The small sized version is also great for a desk or table top display. It can be mounted on a black or silver base to enhance the 3D effects.


Unlike a flat 2D photograph, 3D images give a fuller impression of the person or pet. They look more realistic and can be viewed from different angles, which makes them a great gift idea for any occasion!

A photo engraved into a crystal makes a wonderful keepsake and is the ideal way to commemorate an event or life occasion. Just upload your favourite picture and we’ll etch it into the crystal in a unique 3D effect.

The recipient will love to display their personalised crystal photo on their desk or shelf. We also offer an optional lighted base which enhances the image and brings out all the details of your personalised photo crystal.

3D crystals are a popular choice for staff and service awards due to their prestige nature. They make fantastic gifts or mementos for all ages, and are ideal for thanking employees for their dedication. They can be engraved with an image, text or logo and are available in various sizes.


3D crystal heart is a great way to display your love for someone or a special occasion. This engraved crystal gift will be sure to impress and be a keepsake for years to come.

It is the ideal size to hold a photo of your loved ones. Laser engraved to a high standard, this crystal is guaranteed to be free of air bubbles and will look stunning on display for many years to come!

This personalised crystal award is a great way to recognise a milestone, reward staff or thank a colleague for their hard work. It is a must have for any awards collection! It is available in three sizes.


The heart is one of the most complex organs in our body. It pumps blood through the circulatory system, thereby providing oxygen and energy to the body’s organs.

However, the heart is a non-regenerative organ, which means it cannot heal itself after damage. This leaves us with a shortage of donor organs that can be used in cardiac transplantation or for research on heart disease.

To address this shortage, researchers have developed a soft artificial heart that mimics the function of its natural counterpart as closely as possible. Its creators, doctoral students at ETH Zurich, are also developing technologies for blood pumps with this same goal in mind.

In addition to the mechanical parts, which are made of steel, this 3D-printed model of the heart has an electrical component which allows for simulation and planning of surgical interventions. It can also help surgeons to improve the spatial orientation inside the heart cavities. This makes it useful for paediatric heart disease patients, whose chest cavities are much smaller than those of adults and may be more challenging to operate on.