Brothers Locksmith Services in Pittsburgh PA

Brothers Locksmith in Pittsburgh PA provides residential locksmith services, including lock installation, replacement, and repair. The company’s licensed locksmiths can also open locked doors and safes without damaging them. The company’s technicians can even rekey locks to make them work with different keys.

The cost of changing locks depends on the type of lock. Simple designs like bored cylinder locks are less expensive than mortise or high-security locks.


There’s a lot to be said for the old saying that “experience is the best teacher,” and it’s certainly true when it comes to choosing a locksmith. Whether you’re looking for someone to install your home security system or just change the locks on your house, you want to work with a service that has years of experience. The best way to do that is to check out the service’s online reviews and talk to them directly.

Having excellent customer service is critical, but it’s useless if you don’t have the technical ability to get the job done. After extensive research, we’ve found that Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh stands out from the pack with their top-notch technicians. In addition to their expertise, they’ve also invested in a robust tech stack that includes Font Awesome, Gravatar and JavaScript. These technologies help them deliver a seamless, user-friendly website and ensure that their clients’ needs are met. Definitely worth checking out!


Edwards Bros – Locksmith Pittsburgh is a company in the Consumer Services industry that offers security lock install. Customers can contact them via phone, email, or website. They also provide a 90-day guarantee on their products and services. It is important to hire a reputable company with experience in this field to ensure the safety of your belongings and premises.

Besides the standard door locks, Edwards Brothers Locksmith Pittsburgh PA also provides commercial clients with high-security locks and rekeying. Their commercial locksmiths are highly skilled and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to offer a variety of solutions for any security issue. They can handle any type of lock, including those made from modern technology.

The company uses a variety of technologies, including Font Awesome, Gravatar, and JavaScript. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and serves customers worldwide. Its tech stack includes 17 technologies in 8 categories. Find out who makes decisions at Edwards Bros – Locksmith Pittsburgh and uncover their email addresses, phone numbers, and other details in less than 30 seconds.


Edwards Bros is the go to guys for anything to do with a lock. They will get it done fast and make you feel safe again in your home or business. They also offer 24 hour emergency services which is nice. They have a great staff who knows what they are doing and always make sure to answer any questions you may have.

J.B. started out in the two-way radio industry and later specialized in locksmithing, finding his niche in high security automotive key generation and programming. He is a certified Original Lishi instructor, and has also taught at Just Cars, Yankee Security Convention, Montana Locksmith Association, and various events hosted by locksmith supply companies. In his spare time, he enjoys attending services at his church, camping with his family in their 5th wheel, and traveling on cruises with his wife. You can find 17 technologies across 8 categories used by Edwards Bros – Locksmith Pittsburgh. These include Font Awesome, Gravatar and JavaScript.


The company’s trained professionals are available 24/7 to help their clients with any emergency locksmith situation. They provide a quick and efficient response to change locks, without damaging the door or furniture. They also offer a number of other services, including lock repair and installation.

Some professional locksmiths also include 24-hour lock services within their security system packages. This service is a great way to ensure that homeowners or businesses always have a backup plan in the event they are locked out of their home or office.

The company’s tech stack includes Font Awesome, Gravatar and JavaScript. It also uses Polyfill as-a-service, a tool that detects and returns a bundle of polyfills based on the browser. It also utilizes PHP, a server-side programming language used for Web development. This allows developers to build applications that run on multiple platforms. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serves customers in the United States and Canada.